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About me:A direct relative of the legendary Sam Cooke, Pointer Sisters, Eddie Kendrick & Dr. David Satcher (1st Black U.S. Surgeon General) LaDeana Michelle (or “Worldwide” as Tupac Shakur fondly branded her) multi-octave vocalist, producer, songwriter, actress, CEO, musician, poet, author, print model, designer, scriptwriter, humanitarian & self-rising multi-millionaire will emerge as 1 of THE hottest, most versatile songstresses, producers, writers, arrangers, composers & biz moguls in the world. Her incredible voice (of which I can’t compare to anyone else’s) holds a unique beauty that will grab u, hold u tight. A “complete package” like pioneers Prince, R. Kelly, Ne-Yo and Alicia Keys, LaDeana Michelle will be a household name--not just in the entertainment industry, but in a multitude of worldwide business industries as well. Brace yourselves...she’s coming! - D.J. Biz
Member Since:July 29, 2005
Last Login:February 10, 2011
Location:Oakland, CA
Birthday:February 5
Music means to me:Music is color....flavor.....harmonic honey…..bittersweet emotion. It is love. It represents change. It is the past.......the present.....the future. It lives, breathes, feeds, multiplies, absorbs, heals, saves and generates lives. It can poison...strengthen.....render.....or take away. Music provides choice.....freedom......expression......sensation.....escape. We are born, we live, we pass the arms of music. It is my ally. It is everything. It is life. - LaDeana Michelle
General Interests:Addressing Poverty, Economic & Community Development, Health & Wellness, Literacy, Media Ownership, Music as an Agent for Social Change, Prison Reform, Professional Development, Social Justice, Urban Redevelopment, Youth Development, Youth Violence Intervention
Other Distractions:LaDeana Michelle and her partners are on the move, integrating underprivileged youth in sports, fashion, film, economics and music/entertainment. As quoted by the multi-faceted beauty: Life is so "microwaved" right now. We need to get back to putting things in the oven. - LaDeana Michelle


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