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About me:I love all music that is raw artistic talent and without commercial influence. Jam bands appeal to me because of that very reason.
Member Since:June 8, 2005
Last Login:February 1, 2010
Location:Russiaville, IN
Birthday:October 14
Music means to me:Music to me is the a vehicle to pure artistic expression and the benefits thereof. Music creates mood, passion, art, love, peace and perfect balance in my life. Music runs through my veins, giving me the ultimate peace of mind. Therefore, creating the perfect balance that I crave and need to have harmony in life. Without music, I am lost.
Schools:Indiana University
General Interests:Live shows, music, photography, bicycling, nature and the Great Outdoors!
Other Distractions:Distractions and cures to an unusually painful life experience are as follows:
any movie that makes me laugh such as - any Will Ferrell movies, Team America & Southpark, any Ben Stiller movies, Jon Stewart, and many more. I'm very open-minded.

Music and all that it implies. but it has to be music that expands my mind, ie. anything but popular country & "hate" music.


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