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About me:Well I live in the Great town of Tahlequah. I like being outdoors even when its raining. I have a mt. bike I ride all the time for fitness and pleasure. I like to play frisbee and listen to music especially live music. I am a Business major at Northeastern State University, hoping someday to have my own business.
Member Since:July 27, 2006
Last Login:April 8, 2007
Location:Tahlequah, OK
Birthday:May 16
Music means to me:Well only people who actually understand the music there listening to. Not because their friends like it because it sends a message to that person directly. Music means to me shutting off the realistic means of life and entering a world that you only know.
Schools:Stillwater High School, Northeastern State University
General Interests:Outdoors, Biking, Frisbee, Live Music, Kickin it with friends, Neds (local bar), snow skiing, the mountains, snow, the lake, head shops, being alone, hunting, fishing, camping, shooting guns, mudding, drinkin, chillin, rain, thunderstorms, driving at night, driving in the day,
Other Distractions:Anything Funny, Anything thats based on a True story, Family Guy, MXC, ESPN, Hunting shows


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