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About me:We're four friends.
Lovemakers to slang.
Disarming people with sarcastic wit, guised as innocence, lacking in both.
Previously, thieves in the night with honey lips...

Hello. We're Scissors For Lefty. Two Garza's. Two Krimmel's. We attempt to write songs in order to open or close little chapters of our lives. Documenting little adventures really. Flirting with disaster, reiterating current events, poking fun at love gone wrong. All excuses for us to just hang out. Fiscally irresponsible, or perhaps, we're simmering as investors. We've shared the stage with greats to us, such as The Arctic Monkeys, Dirty Pretty Things, Panic @ The Disco, Every Move a Picture, The Fiery Furnaces, The 1990's, The Cheat, Lemon Sun, The Situationists, Paul Weller, DJ AM, Grandaddy, Little Wings, The Faraday Effect, Black Heart Procession, Locksley, The Coral, I am Spoon Bender, Pedro The Lion, Inner, Rykarda Parasol, The Wildlife, and many, many more. I dunno, I think we've played about Ninety Nine shows by now, but it's not like we are tight or anything. We would like to 9000 shows, and then it's over!!!!

San Luis Obispo is where we met, and now San Francisco is where we happily reside. We work our asses off, and burn the candle from all angles, in order to afford living in this contagious city. Some days the sun will spoil you rotten out at Dolores Park. Other days you might find yourself running for your life out of video store robbery.

Bryan Garza: Vocals, Guitar
Peter Krimmel: Keyboard, Guitar
James Krimmel: Bass, Drums
Robby Garza: Guitar, Bass
Member Since:December 4, 2006
Last Login:December 13, 2006
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:October 21
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!!
Schools:Cal Poly and Dartmouth
General Interests:cycling, thai food, girls
Other Distractions:battleship galatica, playstation, movies

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