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About me:To all you people who scalp tickets to pay for your own, I respect your business acumen, but I hate your guts.
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Music means to me:What does music mean to me?... Summer of 2008 I flipped my car on the way back from Nashville going 120. In mid-air my CDs went flying through the open sunroof and crushed passenger window. I crossed the median and slammed into a guard rail just as the emergency crew was passing by. Amazing. When asked if I was OK, I said, "Yeah yeah, I'm fine, have you seen my CDs?" They scavenged about 40; the other 150 or so are still on the side of the road near Pulaski, TN.
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General Interests:pretty much doing whatever I want
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NIN, Jane's Addiction, SSSC- May, 11 2009
Wed 5/13/2009 1:30PM

Lakewood Ampitheater, Atlanta GA

Street Sweeper Social Club came on first. Not a very impressive show, but it's always good to see Tom Morello do his thing, especially outside of Audioslave. It sounded like the singer (whoever he was) was trying to mimic Rage's sound, but since we all know that there can't be another Zack de la Rocha, it was pretty hopeless. I ended up just watching Tom's fingering on solos and such.

Damien Jurado/Laura Gibson concert in Birmingham, AL 4/22/09
Thu 4/23/2009 9:27AM

The show was awesome. Local band went on first, and the most memorable thing was some weird fan reading a book about visions of the endtimes in front of the stage and then waving his hands as if in a trance as the band was winding down their final song.

Modest Mouse March '09
Wed 3/18/2009 2:24PM

I went to the Tabernacle in Atlanta on the 7th of March as a late birthday present to myself. I had never seen my favorite band in concert, an unforunate tradition that has haunted me for years with many bands. Too bad I didn't live on the west coast in the late 90s; I could have seen them when they had more heart and less members.