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About me:The sound of Juka Tribe could never be summed up in one song, but the band’s eclectic, world-infused creation “Rail Road Park,” with its lyrics about rebirth, coexistence, and “building a future from a segregated past,” is a fine representation of the band’s overall outlook. Born in the basement of Birmingham, Alabama musician John Scalici, Juka Tribe aspires not for commercial success or the fruits of popularity. In keeping with the spirit of their wildly multicultural music, Scalici and the band endeavor only to spread their eclectic sounds to as many people as possible and spark interaction between bodies and minds on the dance floor. Everything about Juka Tribe is inclusionary and welcoming. Their music, which draws inspiration and influence from hip-hop, rock, African, and Middle Eastern music, is socially conscious but not forced or overtly political. Their message stems organically from their personal musical experiences and the artistic majesty of their influences, which range from world music masters like Mickey Hart and Fela Kuti to blues icons such as Howlin’ Wolf and Lightnin’ Hopkins. The combination of ancient rhythmic techniques and modern technology also brings to mind club music stalwarts like Thievery Corporation and Beats Antique.??Juka Tribe’s genesis sprung from Tuesday night jam sessions during which band leader/song writer, John Scalici and fellow percussionist Cody McClain would practice and improvise upon a wide variety of exotic music. They first employed only live percussion, but gradually grew intrigued by the possibilities of technology. Eventually, Scalici began incorporating samples of blues guitar riffs and lyrics into their mosaic of Middle Eastern, Brazilian, and West African rhythms. Scalici began inviting other soloists and even a spoken word artist into the increasingly inventive mix. Poet Shariff Simmons and bassist Jay Johnson soon became bona fide members of the band, and Juka Tribe was born, as was the sound of World Boogie. The songs are certainly tailored for the dance floor. In concert, the band takes audience immersion to spectacular levels, incorporating fire dancers to help bring the tribal roots of the music to life. They even hold drum circles where everyone is invited to indulge in a spontaneous tribal gathering. The listener’s imagination will experience a world of inspired visuals facilitated by the contrast of historical elements, ancient rhythms, and computerized ingenuity. Juka Tribe is one of the most unique bands in the nation, boasting a spirit that can’t be ignored. Through their thoughtful conscience, inimitable music, and engaging shows, they’re destined to reach a global audience.
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Music means to me:Creative outlet for personal and community expression
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