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About me:The Jug Dealers hit the road five years ago as an old time jug band, wowing festival audiences and even receiving a spotlight on NPR's All Things Considered. Starting with homemade instruments and Vaudevillian antics, they have since recruited some of the best talent from the SF North Bay, rapidly expanding into a larger, more sophisticated sound. With an all star mash-up of Classic American Roots, Neo-Soul, Jazz Improvisation, and Hobo Funk Jams, the Dealers bring a raw energy to the dance floor that is nothing short of Hyphy. Although steeped in musical history and elements of old time showmanship, they continually bring a freshness and relevance to audiences as diverse as the Hip Hop and Jam-band scenes. Their much-anticipated self-titled Debut Album will be released in April 2011 and has garnered much praise from industry insiders already. Bust out your train hopping gear, polish your best interpretational dance moves, and come see one of the hottest up and coming bands on the West Coast!

Artist Disclaimer:

The sound of one spoon clanging, the tug of a tin-can telephone, the sound of a Jug being chugged......We dare not cage the immutable, unanswerable riddle of the Muse…we are merely her mouthpiece. Whether it’s the stomp of a Hobo's left foot or the drone of an electrified oven rack, whether it’s the thwack of the whiskey-box or the drop of a fat bass line…..it’s all Art. We are an abstract collective of performers spanning the gaps between past and future. In the tradition of Louis Armstrong, we are the “Real Ambassadors.” We are the true voice of American Culture. Not the culture that you hear about on your flat screen TV, but that culture that lies under railroad bridges eating mulligan stew, that culture that has been beat-down, forgotten about, that grows under your fingernails like…like…….No! Not Bacteria! We represent something far more fascinating and surreal! We are the roots, we are the water...We are the answer to that road bound horizon’s calling. We are moving backwards to the future! We are reaching for that place where art is pure, unadulterated, eviscerated from the confines of the Dollar….although, if you don’t pay us, we’ll be forced to sleep on your floor!
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