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About me:Lucky Beacons, The Dead Meat Martyr.

other tours:
Yesterday's Road Kill Band(tomarrow kept on goin'), Indian Carnage(Custer's where'd all these injuns come from), Piss Bucket Demons (shadows of the port-o-potty), Malevolent Havock (Free Sex), Skull Crush (cranial trauma), Holiday Whore (vampires out of the closet), Vampire Orgy(wicked gypsie voodoo devil witch magic), The Fun Buckets(Ashtray Baby+Flip top and scoop), Potatoe-sack Nighties(Ballerina Pillow Fight), Man from Space(lunar landing), Space-alien Frogs (shiney box), Big Chief Smoking Head (heard of buffalo),Run Quick Pappy(pachyderms in the sticky bushes), Blink'n Buzzards(the last piece of eyeball), The HobGoblins(drool bong), ;fire-eaters, snake dancers, drum circles, magic show, costume and wet t-shirt contests, fortune telling, birthdays and weddings, And other Twelve Kilt Mule Team Productions. of B.ee S.cared I.ndustries.
***"Souls of the Children" tour: The Scurvy Vermin; I Liners; The Bloody Horns; Jolly Gruesomed Band (carcass ritual); Accidental Death Band (Flesh Chopper)........THE BLAZING JIVE STICKS ->smoke a nudder one tour! sneak preview: 2011-> GutterBrains; so hard
Member Since:March 26, 2009
Last Login:About 1 day ago
Location:Berkeley, CA
Birthday:March 23
Music means to me:A Vessel, Time, Mantras, make merry, for the Love of God
Grooves were so steep about to fall off a cliff.
Schools:Mom, Dad; I'm gonna drop out and play guitars my life away.
General Interests:The discovery of the origins of all creations
Other Distractions:ignorance/ enlightenment


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