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About me:I love listening to music because it puts me in a different place than I already am. I also love reading, writing and just basically having a good time.
Member Since:December 27, 2005
Last Login:August 24, 2006
Location:Dumont, NJ
Birthday:October 1
Music means to me:Music means an escape. It means and expression of one's self in a way that you cannot do by just introducing yourself.
Schools:Dumont High School
General Interests:Reading, Writing, listening to and making music, hanging out with friends, doing track and field, shopping...
Other Distractions:I love the movies elf, here on earth, anchorman, my girl, pirates of the caribbean, now and then...
Some shows I like are friends, gilmore girls, full house and watching music videos...
Some of my favorite books are whale talk (and basically any Chris Crutcher book), catcher in the rye, the great gatsby, zipped, monster...


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