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About me:I'm a musical slut. I have a severe addiction. I spend money I don't have, and travel all over the world just to shake my white ass. I'm a pseudo-manager/promoter for a small-time reggae band, and my roomate is a bass player for a well known rockjamfunk band.
Member Since:May 29, 2006
Last Login:April 26, 2011
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 2
Music means to me:That after a good fix, I can deal with the reality of living in a corrupt and unsustainable world. Without the sweet serenity of syphonious sounds I would slip silenty into the souled-out society...never to be heard from again. It is for this reason I cannot leave San Francisco, one of the best music cities around.
Schools:Completing 2nd bachlor's at SFSU,
Master's at the school o' hard rock
General Interests:Funk, Getting the funk out, Getting Funked up, Funkifying it, Feelin the funk, We want the funk, Gotta have that funk,
Other Distractions:Trekking--be it the city, the Himilayas, the beach, the playa at BRC, the layout of yet another music festival, the bounds of reality and the recesses of my mind. ART & LIFE


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