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About me:I work in the Audio visual industry which can be highly stressful. I came from doing concerts and other live shows and loved it. My top Favorite band ever has to be the Grateful Dead.You should already know why. I live in Vegas and its not easy to make friends so my wife and I like to get out and see our favorite bands when we get a chance.
Member Since:October 4, 2011
Last Login:January 24, 2012
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Birthday:November 16
Music means to me:I am a musician and love live music when it tells a story.
Schools:Protools Live and studio sound
General Interests:Making my Jeep a rock crushing monster.
Other Distractions:My wife...She's pretty Hot!!


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My wife wrote this about Furthur
Thu 10/6/2011 5:17PM
Further at the Joint 10/4/11
Christy Cloutier