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About me:Musician, electrical engineer and software developer, dad, sound man, composer. I play bass in three to five bands. I enjoy doing live multitrack recording, and I'm slow to find time to mix it down! I live in the south bay of San Francisco Bay area, near San Jose and enjoy spending time in Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Member Since:January 24, 2004
Last Login:October 4, 2015
Location:Campbell, CA
Music means to me:Resonances affect the consciousness of the world. Music has pulled me through difficult times in my life, and regularly brings me great joy and satisfaction.
General Interests:CMOS circuit design, C++ and Perl software development, Apple products (and now I work at Apple).
Other Distractions:Sporadic web site development, accounting for the multiple businesses run by my significant other. Dancing with her at live shows. Witty conversations with my son.


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