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About me:Generally content with life; lover of fine things including wonderful wife, Moe
Member Since:June 27, 2000
Last Login:April 26, 2015
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:April 13
Music means to me:The connector to all things internally and externally; a goose-bump, feel-good generator; a secret language only for those who give in to it
Schools:Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of Delaware, University of Florida, Manalapan High School
General Interests:Outdoors, running, working out, listening to music, percussion, table tennis
Other Distractions:Movies = Animal House ; TV = Entourage, LOST, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, WEEDS ; Sports = NFL (Go G-Men) & NCAA Football, NCAA Hoops, Soccer, Oregon Ducks


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