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About me:My name's Josie Henderson. I'm 24. I am completely and utterly obsessed with classic rock. I have a strong belief that I was born in the wrong era. If I had it my way, I would have been born around 1950 so I could have been able to experience true rock and roll rather than only getting to listen to it or youtube it for that matter...haha. My dream is to meet David Gilmour, shake his hand, and commend him on a job well done in life.
Member Since:May 27, 2008
Last Login:June 2, 2008
Location:Fairmont, WV
Birthday:September 29
Music means to me:My feelings about music can be best explained through a movie dialogue that I dearly hold close to heart....

William: "So Russell, what is it you love about music?"

Russell: "To begin with.....everything."
Schools:2 more semesters then I will have attained A Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology.
General Interests:youtubing rare Pink Floyd clips, sewing, reading Jane Austen Novels (although nonfiction is my preference), cutting the grass, beautiful picturesque scenery
Other Distractions:sites such as this that allow me to express my undying love for music :o)


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