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About me:Acoustic guitar player, songwriter, 33 year old loves all types of music and have seen over 1000 shows heart and soul are still in New Orleans but I currently reside in Myrtle Beach SC.
Member Since:May 20, 2009
Last Login:July 22, 2009
Location:Myrtle Beach, SC
Birthday:July 30
Music means to me:I dont necesarrily play what I like to listen to and vice versa. Some of my favorite live shows are of course The Grateful Dead, not related shows, ratdog, Phil and Friends,The Radiators, Todd Snider, Drive By Truckers, Ryan Adams, Phish, Violent Femmes, The Wailers, Sublime but Ill settle for Badfish now, New Orleans street brass band music, Wilco, WSP, Tom Waits...and many more......Band I still have yet to see...The Flaming Lips, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Neko Case....Tom Petty would be the bomb!
Schools:traveled all 48 states except Alaska and North dakota...Ya might say I learned a thing or 2 especially not to go back to Utah.
General Interests:musical healing, promotion of bands, learning art, photography,big words..
Other Distractions:cell phones