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About me:Hi.My name is Josh Morgan. I am a junior at Mainland High School. I have brown hair and baby blue eyes. I also like to work out too. I also like to have fun I mean who doesen't. I also cant stand not having a job. Over the summer I have a job over at Sunterra and thats where I spend of my time is Lifeguardin its fun and I enjoy it just as much as the beach... Well that sums it all up if u have any questions just message me.....
Member Since:January 7, 2007
Last Login:January 24, 2007
Location:Daytona Beach, FL
Birthday:December 6
Music means to me:everything
Schools:Mainland high School
General Interests:Weightliftin, football, computers, movies,and music....
Other Distractions:Movies: Anything that has a good twist. Swordfish,What about Bob,End Of Days,Scary Movie 1-4,Volcano,Total Recall,Star Wars 1-6,Porky's,G.I Jane, and so on....

Television: WB 18, Wesh 2,TNT,TBS,HBO,USA,ABS FAMILY,COURT TV,SPIKE TV,FX,VH1,MTV1 and 2,and Sci-Fi...


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