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About me:I like to go to shows and have a blast. I enjoy getting fall down drunk at concerts also. The best part of a show is when you look at the setlist the next day and your like "ah man I forgot that they played that, that was awesome" and you have to call your buddies up to remind them about the show and they say "ah man I forgot that they played that, that was awesome". That is always a classic concert moment in my book.
Member Since:May 15, 2003
Last Login:April 22, 2015
Location:Merchantville, NJ
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:I like music a lot. Music helps me enjoy everything. Drinking, hangin with my friends, drinking with my friends. Going to a concert and drinking with my friends. The basic
Schools:Rutgers - Camden, Rugters - New Brunswick
General Interests:Do I really have to say what it is. I mean if you don't know by now then come on.
Other Distractions:Life Aquatic, Entourage, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN NEWS, ESPN Classic, NFL Network, Family Guy, Simpsons, Seinfeld, I hate Everyone Loves Raymond(WORST SHOW EVER),


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