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About me:i tend to drink and do 'the zucker' at shows worldwide.
Member Since:June 14, 2001
Last Login:August 1, 2015
Location:West Hollywood, CA
Birthday:January 27
Music means to me:life is good
Schools:Lawrence High School, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, ICADE
General Interests:other than live music?
skiing, traveling, yankees, cooking (and eating)...(and drinking), sensory overload, riding, trivia, lip balm, maps, photos, fantasy football, finding right balance of stuffing my suitcase to the max without going over the 50 lb. weight limit.
Other Distractions:princess bride, big lebowski, anchorman for quoting.
quiz show for drooling. 24 for freaking. lost for guessing. scrubs for chuckling. 4 easy pieces for thinking. tom robbins for getting from take off to landing.
but what really fails to never tickle me is the


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