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About me:Best known for his banjo skills. Jon Eric's dedication, and years of playing have led him to become a legend in pushing the boundaries of what the banjo can sound like. "I love all types of music, but many people really underestimate what the banjo can do," he says as he breaks into a harmonic melting pot of jazz and blues. Jon Eric's expertise also includes vocals, guitar, dobro, and percussion. He is well educated in music production, performance, and currently teaches all over Iowa and in 7 (seven) different time zones on Skype to share his love of music.

To describe Jon Eric and his music, the ONLY true way to describe it,
is to see him play & sing for you LIVE! If you could imagine trying to touch liquid mercury, THAT best describes his music. Sometimes the music unfolds from his bluegrass roots into percussive cadence! Though difficult to put a finger on. The metallic and fluid singing and banjo work Jon Eric is best known for, is definitely playful enough to make your "temperature rise" into a dancing frenzy!

Jon Eric WILL change your perception about how the banjo "should sound" & continues to be closely involved in his local community of Iowa City, and traveling nationally for performances. (website)
Member Since:March 20, 2009
Last Login:January 9, 2014
Location:Iowa City, IA
Birthday:January 4
Music means to me:Music is a journey which carries forth an idea of aural communication. Forever in the art of listening and
"sharing those sounds" with others.
General Interests:Racing Jet Skis, Tennis, Basketball,
Other Distractions:Music, Art, Movement


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