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About me:Come visit me at Pirates Tavern in Portland, Oregon. We are a 100% vegan restaurant & lounge featuring live music most nights. Smoke free so you don't burn your lungs out. We have a dog friendly deck where you can dine with your favorite pirate pooch. You can check out my website at
Member Since:May 11, 2007
Last Login:May 11, 2007
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:December 15
Music means to me:It means a lot. That's why we have live music at Pirates Tavern most night. If you have a band go to, choose the flash or html button and click on the music button. Fill out the form so you can play here at Pirates Tavern, too.
Schools:University of Hard Knocks.
General Interests:;>)
Other Distractions:more ;>)


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