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A manager's prospective
Sun 12/27/2009 11:24PM

My name is John Wayne Harris Jr. I am writing this journal to free my mind. If you happen to stumble upon it I hope you may get some enjoyment from it. I recently began working with an emerging act from Boone, NC named Major Magick in the role of their manager. At this point in my career in the music business you could consider me "green." Before Major Magick, I was part of several college bands in the beginning stages of my career playing beer soaked fraternities and dive bars with moderate success. Aside from meager promoting and booking efforts for those bands I had little experience in the music biz and especially artist management. My experience with Major Magick has thus far opened my eyes to a confusing,challenging and demanding world that I didn't imagine before. After 6 months of working my butt off for this new, young and talented act I have found mostly frustration. Currently this is my position: Major Magick, in a business sense, has a excellent product; new, original music that has potential to appeal to a wide audience and various demographics as well as a developing image carried by an exciting entertainer and frontman. Each individual has an unbeleivable amount of talent and musical knowledge and they work well together when it comes to the creative process. Most of the band also has formal education in music production and industry studies. The point being that the group has a pool of resources and talents at their disposal that allow them to develop their product to a higher level of quality than most groups as young, creatively and technically. The challenges and frustrations for me thus far have existed because of inexperience. If you know anything about the music business you know one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor of your career, is your network. At my young age and early stage in my career my network is simply not very vast. Because I am essentially new to the game I have not made all the contacts I need to further the career of this band in the timeframe that I would prefer. Although my network is an everyday work in progress, about which I am extremely motivated, I get very frustrated at the things I could do, now, if only my network was that of an experienced manager. I dream of the things a group of this potential calibre could possibly do in front of the large crowd they deserve. I have no doubt in my mind that it would take only a few performances in front of a crowd 500+ before these entertainers careers were drastically acclerated. I dream, but I also know that it won't happen overnight, unless of course the right people are in the right crowd at the right performance. Thats what the music industry boils down to me right now, people and chance, paired with preparation and product. I have many more challenges to highlight but those will come another late night.Happy Holidays