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About me:I love nature. I love playin music and talking with other musicians through my instrument that unspoken language of music when u look at a friend and the conversation is so great that alone is good enough reason to live.
Member Since:December 22, 2005
Last Login:April 24, 2014
Location:Eddyville, KY
Birthday:March 30
Music means to me:everything!!!! life for me is waiting to get back to my drums or piano or whatever my itch is when im not doing that i go see live music experiance beautiful people!
Schools:lyon co high school, western kentucky univ.
General Interests:meeting good people, eating good,gettin down,ridin my longboard and listening to keller,indulging in the fruits of my harvest
Other Distractions:comedy central, discovery channel, adult swim, food network, national geographic channel

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