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My mother was an Arthur Murray dance teacher and my father was pretty good guitar picker. We hung around allot of Honky Tonks and dance's when I was growing up. I thought I hated country music growing up. My parental units would always get me on stage to play drums (I loved to beat on things) and or sing Hank Williams songs. I liked the Rock&Roll. So I just took it all in. Including the school band. My first band was called the "Blueberry Buttermilk", I was fifteen I think. The name is available for any Modern Rock band if you can't come up with one.

I guess you could say my tunes are a collection of lifelong experiences expressed in country, country rock the blues and soul infused pop songs focused on the familiar themes of life, unrequited love, requited love, fantasy and having fun.

I've always been a radio and live music surfer, AM,FM.XM, bars and concerts. I love live venues. Whenever I'd find a song or groove I liked I'd try to sing it or play it. It didn't matter if it was Country,Blues,Rock&Roll,Jazz or Contemporary. I would just try to dig it.

I guess contemporary bands and artists like Clapton, Los Lonely Boys, Creed, Matchbox 20, Joe Cocker and Tina Turner as some of his musical influences. “ Even the country greats like Hank Sr. & Jr., Garth Kenny Chesney,Toby Keith and Dwight Yokem give me a thrill, With these influences in me and the tones of my songs like “Just Like Me”, Rolex Cowgirl" "The Road Song" reflect that, if only vaguely. Most of the tunes like “Sugar Cookie”, "Streets of Key West" and “Hey Trooper Man” seem to owe more of a debt to the Heart and soul of music, the gritty country music of the Midwest, Motown and Memphis Blues and Rock&Roll.

People tell me they like the way I stretch the envelope of the pigeon hole genre and still stay in a familiar pocket. I guess that's unique. I'm also told my presence, structure and timing is pretty good, and my voice carries a gritty powerful style and charter that makes me stand out from the rest.
That's awful juicy but it came from a music critic out of a Miami newspaper.

Well, I'm proud that I haven't given up at this ripe age. I'm very humbled too when folks come up after a show and let me know their favorite song and wants my autograph. I'm proud of all the musician's that helped my write and perform the tunes. (I'm a terrible guitar player).

I'm living and loving life down in the Florida Keys. Been here since 98. The water is Gin clear, the sky is blue and the fishing is great. I'll keep writing some tunes and send them to TAXI. I'll keep performing with my band for as long as I can too. It's still fun. And. Someday I just might get me a HIT!!

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Music means to me:The music I write is my personal Art form. When an Artist paints a picture he creates his Art. Someone writes words and music, blends them togather. That 's his or her personal Art form.
Schools:50 years in School of Hard Knocks, USMC, U of French Quarters, NO., Hurricane's Andrew, Katrina and Wilma,
General Interests:Finding someone to help promote my Show and Tunes.
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Other Distractions:People who can't get to the point and talk to much.


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