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About me:Was heavy into the jam band scene a few years back. After Phish broke up, bitter Joe found a new genre of music - trance. Now, I'm back on the scene and looking for some good music to dance to.
Member Since:March 17, 2008
Last Login:March 18, 2010
Location:Scarsdale, NY
Birthday:October 27
Music means to me:Everything...There's no better moment in my life then when i was rockin' to a phish jam in the pooring rain. Though important, music is second to my very non-jamband friendly, but supportive fiance! She comes to shows with me even though I know she doesnt like it, just to make me a lucky, lucky boy!
General Interests:Working out, spoiling my two godsons, reading, sports - touring as much as possible...damn i miss phish =(....
Other Distractions:This stupid internet, however I guess if it wasnt for the internet i never would have found the livemusicarchive....thank god for the internet!!!


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