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About me: I Love music. old 70s' all the way up to the killer mid stuff like SpaceHog, The toadies, Guided by Voices, Quicksand, ect... A lot of the new bands are kickin ass as well TEXAS bands surprise me. For instance the last good band from texas was The Toadies. Now the best band since Rush is deffinetly BLUE OCTOBER This band has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. Justin can write some true, and meaningfull lyriks. I can relate to how Consent to Treatment came about. All of these songs from that album, as well as FOILED I can deffinetly relate to EVERY lyrik to EVERY track.
thank you BLUE OCTOBER for it all
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Location:Salt Lake City, UT
Birthday:November 8
Music means to me: Music means to me: well Music is a staple of life. People ask me why I annalize music so much, well without music , and annalizing the lyriks, what is life about? You have life, but to me music is the glue that holds ALL aspects of it together.
Schools:Coconino High school/Flagstaff, Az.
Hillcrest High School,/ Salt Lake City, Ut.
Eagle Gate Colledge, SLC< UT
General Interests:MUSICWork, Ilike people, and conversing.
The public is great,Dirtbike riding,snowmobiling,camping,fishing,ect...
Other Distractions: LIFE as a HOUSE best movie ever
mind of mencia,Chapells show, I LOVE to LAUGH