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Dark Star Orchestra 11/29/08 Nokia Theater
Tue 12/2/2008 6:25PM
So normally I am not the biggest fan of Dark Star; I saw them last year same place as my first Dark Star show and it did not live up to the hype I percieved them to get.  Yes, they sound pretty much exactly like the Dead but the guitar parts can be weak at times.  But anyways, I'm in NYC over Thanksgiving and I wanted to go to State Radio but plans didn't work out so I went to go see Dark Star with Donna, hoping for a better performance out of them.  What I got was great, every song Donna was in was fantastic.  However, their own version of Donna is terrible.  She has a nice voice, but just prances around pretending to be someone worth listening to.  It was just really annoying how she was dancing around like a 5 year old distracting the entire concert-in a bad way.  She really pissed me off.  Although this pissy version of Donna almost made me throw up, I enjoyed the rest of the concert, especially a raunchy Eyes of the World that made Dark Star look like international heroes.