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About me:26 years old, tour manager for Zach Deputy. Owner of Soundscape Imaging, LLC -- a screen printing company featuring product hosting and soft good distribution based out of Amherst, MA. I live for shows, meeting new people, and expanding the family.
Member Since:January 24, 2007
Last Login:About 2 days ago
Location:Amherst, MA
Birthday:February 11
Music means to me:Everything. Letting the music flow through me, and seeing the enjoyment it brings to others.
Schools:University of Massachusetts Amherst (Graduated in May 2010)

Thesis: The Soundscape Planning of Mountain Park in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
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General Interests:Concerts and festivals, disc golf, hiking, camping, skiing and snowmobiling, fishing, dancing, sleeping.
Other Distractions:Dexter, Lost, Weeds, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Law and Order: SVU, Hows It's Made


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