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About me:I'm a 20 year old singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. I moved out here from Connecticut a couple years ago and now I'm persuing my music career full-on. With raw, emotiful lyrics and a powerful yet beautiful voice, I've been trying to break out in the bay scene.
Member Since:October 13, 2004
Last Login:August 14, 2006
Location:Corte Madera, CA
Birthday:December 31
Music means to me:Music means everything to me, without it theres no reason to wake up. Music is the biggest part of EVERY human beings life, wether they realize it or not (why the hell else would we be putting stereos in our cars nicer then the ones in our homes).
Schools:Glastonbury High School, College of Marin, Dominican University of California
General Interests:Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Lacrosse, Skating, Surfing, Biking, Running, Partying, basically everything else a 20 year old likes.
Other Distractions:I love FIFA World Cup Soccer on XBOX, and I love the Godfather (movies and video game). I also love stoner comedies (Harold & Kumar, etc . . .) and really good mind-fuck movies (Mullholland Dr, Donnie Darko . . .)


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