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About me:love music....too many shows (actually never too many, just a lot!) miss jerry garcia terribly and love my family and friends to death. i despise commercial television and media - total bs that saps knowledge out of the minds of the people. people need to learn to think for themselves again. don't let oprah do it for you!
Member Since:August 9, 2008
Last Login:January 16, 2014
Location:West New York, NJ
Birthday:July 2
Music means to me:music is the soul of life. it means everything to me. it expresses how i feel when i can't - it can change my mood instantly - it can reflect my mood - it has literally saved mu life at times
Schools:architecture/interior design degree - that's why i work in finance. it makes sense to me lol! And i love to design stuff for free...need your house/apt redone...gimme a call :)
General Interests:economics, design, friends, family, boating, photography, DANCING, chilling out, watching old movies, reading, learning new things, languages
Other Distractions:decorating my apartment - including anything that has to do with power tools, taking things apart, building stuff and generally improving my environment to reflect ME


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