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About me:hey now, i'm a young Deadhead originally from the East Coast (S. Jersey/Philly area--no, not a huge fan of Bisco, though i do like them), now in Boulder, Colorado....cool place for bluegrass, funk, etc.
Member Since:November 10, 2000
Last Login:May 3, 2014
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:August 11
Music means to me:music moves me, is a spiritual elixir, and makes me feel better about myself and life in general. i'm a lover of good music. i play the geetar, a little banjo and mandolin, and women (nah, i ain't a playa, yo). go Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers!
Schools:associates in journalism from UMD (College Park--home of the Terps, but NOT Terrapin Station, AT ALL!! :) ) , bachelor's from St. Joe's University (home of the Hawks) in W. Philadelphia
General Interests:sports, esp. football/hockey/baseball/basketball (what else is there?); the Big Wu, ABB, Soulive, moe., Ump's, LoS, SKB, Funky Meters, Radiators are all favs of mine
Other Distractions:women, Yuengling Lager (though the Rocky Mountains have some dank beer--MANY MANY microbreweries w/ some GREAT IPA's, Yuengling is still my fav...humidity beats the high altitude anyday!)


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