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About me:I'm a former Deadhead who worships at the feet of Sonic Youth. My obsession has been at critical mass for many years now... I need HELP.
Member Since:May 8, 2008
Last Login:June 20, 2010
Location:Evansville, IN
Birthday:March 18
Music means to me:Provides a means to enhance celebration, and a sanctuary for lesser times. It truly is mans greatest form of communication, both to others and to oneself. This is what makes bands like the Flips and Sonic Youth so powerful.
Schools:College dropout twice. Hey, it ain't no picnic alright
General Interests:politics( been an activist for Both sides), fishing, hiking, firesides, anything in the woods.
Other Distractions:my three daughters and a beautiful girlfriend(Now Wife), and of course I adore heavy consumption of kind beer on occasion.


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