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About me:Louisiana transplant putting some new roots down in NW Arkansas!
Member Since:December 12, 2006
Last Login:May 28, 2015
Location:Fayetteville, AR
Birthday:October 3
Music means to me:"Because it is the one thing that can't be taken from any situation and still have it exist, time... is the most important thing there is... and the way we understand it is through the repetition of things, or if you will, rhythm. When you can hear it, it's called music and when the distances between these beats is consistent, like heart-beats, then it is said 'to cook'... and when music is at its 'cookinest,' it has a greater effect on people and people usually think of it as being 'straight from the heart.'" --John Hartford
Schools:Warren Wilson '06
University of Arkansas '10
General Interests:non-profits, traveling, playing outside, archaeology, gardening, live music, slowly learning mandolin


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