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About me:i'll write of beauties i do not know, and skills i could only wish 2 obtain. life and the mastery of it have become my new desires, and all that i can yearn 4, finally i lust. she will be mine, for manipulation of an unknowing subject is easier than the wooing of an infidel. there comes a time in most men's lives and certainly in the lives of all women, where transformation is inevitable and consciousness of its commencement is remarkable. Confidence becomes nothing of a question, and only a being synergetic with existence. life. PeAcE
Member Since:May 16, 2008
Last Login:June 2, 2014
Location:Chevy Chase, MD
Birthday:June 17
Music means to me:Monk-y Music
Current mood: mellow

purple trees in dreams so free
i feel alive i fell asleep

subtly muttering sweet precious nothings
she, who is she?
but something im seeing

babbling brooks and bubbling streams
birds that chirp
and 4 me they sing

and she, who is she?
well shes part of a dream
and 4 now shes 4 me
or so it may seem

grey skies and lies w/ trickery deceit
do not exist
curling toes of my feet

pillows cause echoes they're skipping
my seeing
cuz seeings believing and the same scenes

b4 my thoughts fleeting chirning its seething
rapidly beating
intriguing my being

i openned my eyes as we grew apart
and fell back asleep
in continuance start

orange and yellow and red is the air
and breathing is beautifully
wonderfully there

gently mentally physically fair
i'm fickled and tickled by
curled lochs of her hair

capricious cuz shes just a part of my mind
melodically changing but ranging
so fine

blissfully kissing shes picking my heart
inticing inviting like
Thelonious art
Schools:bachelor's in elementary education- ASU
General Interests:eyes

seems no time 4 this n that

angel's wings cross heaven's back

have no strings
i'm not attached

but i just want 2 scream

sing me songs of devil's wrath

free my seed of hopeless haps

find the road
i'm no good at math

don't wake me from my dreams
Other Distractions:What happened to yesterday?
Where broken leaves fell like rain
Where blue birds flew circles through vacant skies
and wind gently kissed her skin
Oh to be the wind
and grin
What happened to bright blue eyes?
Opened wider than their reflected cries
Where one tear encompassed her entire world

What happened to yesterday?
Where blue bells bellowed
thoughts of morning dew
Where yester-night
was a wink away
Thirst only existed for bliss
And love quenched all
What happened to yesterday's
Where Westerly's brutality
didn't exist

What happened to yesterday?


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