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About me:I am me, I am happy that I am me, I dont want to be anybody else
Member Since:February 28, 2009
Last Login:November 24, 2009
Location:Truckee, CA
Birthday:December 21
Music means to me:music is my passion, music is love, music is the souls own speech, music is what keeps my world in its syncopated motion
Schools:schools are not always waht they appear to be, life is a school as much as a school is a school,
General Interests:playing guitar,mandolin,hand drums,harmonica,skiing, hiking, mountain biking,rafting, writing songs,poetry,shortstories,books,family,friends,festivals,concerts,travelling,motorcycles,
Other Distractions:NATURE,weed,mushrooms,LSD,coffee,ecology,water,rocks,trees,birds, fish,wild animals,mountains,clouds,weather,wind,the sun,the moon,stars,the human mind,meeting people,mayan calendar,
American Indian ways,


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