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About me:Festies. All nighters. I went to 40th anniversary of the acid tests and re found electronic music. It's so much better now than in the techno days. I've been fully supporting the electronic revolution since 2004. thru word of mouth and handbills. I used to say "new deal? I like the old deal." then I woke up. Thank you Michael Travis and Lorin!
Member Since:May 22, 2005
Last Login:January 16, 2010
Location:Westfield, MA
Birthday:December 31
Music means to me:Party time. Live music is my favorite public release. Death in the family? Horrible break up? Go see a show and it's all better.
Schools:Framingham state
General Interests:Outdoors. Hiking. Content with the simple things
Other Distractions:You know


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