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About me:im a hippie and i always will be!! livin in charlotte, and hoping to meet some rainbow family friendly ppl, no matter what age. i enjoy going to shows as often as possible. hope to see YOU @ a show!!!
Member Since:September 20, 2007
Last Login:September 21, 2007
Location:Charlotte, NC
Birthday:April 21
Music means to me:everything!!! it is the only thing that can change my mood, no matter what state it is in. music is my life and it always will be till the day i die!!!
Schools:some college
General Interests:work (gotta get by), mountainbiking, and going to shows. meeting friends for dinner, Sex, more sex, smokin herb, being blessed by the almighty Jah!!!
Other Distractions:crazy young hippie chicks, especially the one @ DSO that fucked my brains out. i wish i knew your name!


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