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About me:I am 24... Just graduated with a degree in technical and functional ceramics... now I'm getting my teachin creds :)
Member Since:October 16, 2007
Last Login:July 13, 2009
Location:Valdosta, GA
Birthday:September 23
Music means to me:EVERYTHING! I could not live without it. It feeds me so much creative inspiration that helps me do my best.
Schools:BFA VALdosta state
BFA EducAtiOn VState
General Interests:hooping hooping HOOPING! Sharing my experiences and influencing others,playin the keys, Sewing, painting, ceramics, drawing, swimming, gardening, reading, cooking, nerdy grandma-type things :)
Other Distractions:ha. Everything. Bright colors and fuzzy things. Also things that light up or blink. Vid


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