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About me:I just am. I go with the flow and never try to resist the moment because it's happening just as it was always meant to happen. I believe that 100%.
Member Since:July 4, 2006
Last Login:August 28, 2011
Location:Nutley, NJ
Birthday:January 24
Music means to me:Music makes the world go round. It inspires me and moves people to a better place.
Schools:B.A.Human Ecology w/ specialization in Early and Middle Childhood Education and Family and Child Services
General Interests:Spirituality, Colorado, the ocean, the moon, spur of the moment road trips, camping, helping people, gummy bears, traveling, people watching, singing loudly in my car, cooking, wine, and meeting good people.
Other Distractions:I love exposing my 4 year old inner city students to jam bands :o) They love it too!


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