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About me:I've been jamming out since i was knee high to a whipper snapper. My love for music runs as deep as my love for life.
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Location:Salt Lake City, UT
Birthday:April 13
Music means to me:After all, what i choose to listen to is by default the soundtrack of my life. I'm not sure how i'd survive without sweet, sweet music. I am a musician, a fan and a dj and I have been inundated with music all through my life. Long live Rock n Roll!!!!
Schools:Media Arts, Design Studies and next stop... film school.
General Interests:Adding love and light to the lives of others, especially my husband and son. I'm outdoor rec freak that can't get enough skiing, rafting, climbing, hiking, biking, swimming - anything outside! And I love to go to the show!!!!
Other Distractions:In addition to the technicolor screen, I enjoy reading, listening and playing music, catching up with friends, food and wine, and my adorable canine and feline friends and most recently - my new baby boy!


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Stockholm Syndrome 2/18/08 Harry O's
Sat 2/23/2008 8:27AM
I had a killer time at the Stockholm show last Monday nite in Park City. The opening act was way too loud (and perhaps not necessary). The crowd was primed and ready to rock. They boys took the stage looking a little wobbley from all the fun they were presumably having, but looks had nothing to do with the sound... from the opener "Tight" they rocked our faces off. Schools provided the solid and heavy bass lines while Wally took care of business in the kit. Mr. Louis is a great addition to the line up and was having a blast while he masterfully took care of duties on keys. McFaddin, although not contributing to vocals, couldn't go low profile if he tried! He is a master of his craft and wields a wicked axe... the band even featured a new song written by Eric. And of course the reverend... ah, Jerry. Precious Mr. Joseph, my favorite tortured artist. Chain smoking and on fire. This band is clearly having a great time out on the road, provided a tight, loud, cohesive performance and the crowd in Park City, UT gave full appreciation right through the closing number "Couldn't Get It Right." I am quite grateful that Stockholm Syndrome put Utah on their schedule