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About me:I like stuff. Not just any kind of stuff, only cool stuff. Sometimes I like to gather some of my stuff and try to make it into other stuff. But mostly I just like my stuff the way it is. One time I saw someone else's stuff and thought "man he's got some cool stuff" so I took it. Then I gave it back cause karma is a bitch and I really don't want someone taking my stuff even if it just crappy ole stuff. Thank you for caring enough about what I posted to check out my profile.
Member Since:May 24, 2006
Last Login:About 5 hours ago
Location:Greensburg, PA
Birthday:June 9
Music means to me:reminds me when my daddy used to sing about his hoes
Schools:Pimpers school of Pimpin'
General Interests:smokin hoes, smackin' hoes...not really smackin them, that is just mean. Maybe if she took some of my stuff...even then I doubt I would actually smack anyone, but who knows, you know
Other Distractions:Hoes, alligators, garden gnomes. That is all.


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