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About me:29 yr old married father of a wonderful 5 yr old living in Minneapolis. If you don't have kids, give it a shot, as long as Mama loves you and you have a job. I'm a Panic freak more than anything, but Minneapolis is an ecclectic music lovers paradise. The Cabooze was a second home. The old Five Corners was the garage of that second home. Now they're waysides I stop at every so often along the road of fatherhood. Plus I manage to sneak in a Panic road trip at least once a year.
Member Since:January 9, 2007
Last Login:October 23, 2009
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:It's the best thing in life aside from family and friends. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO SEE LIVE MUSIC! If you can have a better time than being outside in the summertime at sunset with a nice buzz, a nice sunset, a nice song, a nice girl, and a content heart, you would have a hell of a time proving it to me. Or just rage your ass off to whatever makes you feel the electricity.
Schools:Central High School, La Crosse WI. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
General Interests:My life, my wife, my daughter, Wisconsin sports even though I live in the den of the enemy, golf/camping/fishin/hiking/mountains/travel/longboarding/grilling/anything outside you can do with friends and a cold Newcastle. Oh, and I like music, too. Did I mention that?
Other Distractions:Reading anything and everything, National Geographic Channel, Seinfeld and Simpsons reruns, Tiger Woods Golf for PS2, checking online to see what's going on in the world.


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