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About me:I Love music!!! So very much!!! It moves me and I feel every aspect of it. My passion is playing Old-time and progressive mixtures of Bluegrass with hints of creative new grass originals. I play the 5-String banjo in 2 current progressive bluegrass bands. I enjoy tinkering with the guitar and mandolin. The Dobro is fun! I also Love many other styles and "genres" of music such as Classic Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Folk, blues, Some Jam bands, some classic/southern rock, jazz, classical, "Real" Hip Hop, Instrumental music of all kinds, Zydeco!
Member Since:June 12, 2005
Last Login:January 22, 2013
Location:Lawrence, KS
Birthday:December 21
Music means to me:The glue that sticks human kind and animals together. It unifies us and brings us together to express and feel genuine feelings and real, true emotions, whether good or bad and makes as a balancing act to cure the bad and negative feelings. It makes life better. It works your brain in a healthy manor. It purifies the soul. In my eyes, I'd be worthless and useless without music. I am thankful and grateful beyond any words and expressions for my talent and ability to hear and feel the music I and others create.
Schools:JCCC, Kansas University, Pittsburg State
General Interests:I love the arts and am an avid outdoorsman who loves to hike, mountain biking, kayak/canoeing and camping. These are among my favorite things to do. I'm also an avid fly-fisherman and count that as a whole other art form as well as an amazing hobby/sport. It's fun and very challenging. Fly-fishing, the outdoors and my 5-string banjo describe me quite well.
Other Distractions:Unfortunately TV, but informative and educational. Cartoons such as Adult Swim etc... I try to read when I get in a peaceful atmosphere, preferably outdoors. Meditation. Frisbee!


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