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Member Since:June 27, 2000
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Location:New York, NY
Birthday:July 16
Schools:The George Washington University
General Interests:music, going to yankees games, pop culture, movies, buying cds, live music, dive bars with good jukeboxes, GW basketball, good beer, drinking outside in the summer
Other Distractions:diner, fletch, almost famous, bad new bears: breaking training, P.C.U., high fidelity, bull durham, animal house, i'm trying to break your heart, about a boy, lost in translation, igby goes down, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the festival express, dogtown & z-boys, dig!, garden state, super size me, annie hall, the grateful dead movie, dazed and confused, the last waltz, sideways, the muppet movie, the simpsons, scrubs, six feet under, family guy, arrested development, the daily show, cheers, cook's tour, smallville, king of queens, snl, that 70s show, austin city limits, lost, pardon the interuption, 24, real world, best week ever, the office, 30 days, baseball tonight, prison break, american dad, freaks & geeks, undeclared, taxi, world series of pop culture, high fidelity, on the road, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, the amazing adventures of kavelier and clay, electric kool-aid acid test, still life with woodpecker, me talk pretty one day, running with scissors, sex drugs and cocoa puffs, bob dylan: chronicles, vol.1, tiger in a trance, a confederacy of dunces, killing yourself to live, superstud


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