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About me:i really just enjoy having fun and being with friends. i love going to music festivals and shows. i love psychedelic things a lot. anything that looks really cool or interesting to the eye.
Member Since:April 5, 2008
Last Login:November 17, 2015
Location:Westfield, MA
Birthday:September 4
Music means to me:music means everything to me. it's something that brings people together. thats why i love festivals. everyone's there for the same reason. no one feels uncomfortable.
Schools:i go to Westfield State College in Massachusetts. i'm majoring in psychology and criminal justice.
General Interests:traveling. i wish i had the money and the time to go all over the world. i love new and beautiful places. and if i can go to a festival while i'm there, thats just a plus.
Other Distractions:jambase is a huge distraction. i'm always on here. that and facebook.


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