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About me:There's actually two of us here, we're best friends and we love to travel, go to shows, and festivals, among other things. Our names are Jess and Ariel. We started going to shows together sometime after ariel moved back from colorado a little over a year ago. This last summer of 2008 was our first festival season together. We just had an awesome time in Denver for haloween [Leftover Salmon/ Pangea & Michael Kang]. We usually dress up for every show including local ones. We are the proud owners of a pretty sweet toy box that goes everywhere with us. We like to see everybody else dressed up and having a good time, who doesn't like bubbles and candy! We make our own costumes and are always coming up with new ones. We're young entrepeneurs, Selling and trading, jewelry and festival costumes! So if you see us and want us to make you something, we'll do it. Uhm basically just a very fun, dynamic duo it's crazy. Shows are always better when the other is there, it's just crazy, classic, chemistry. We love each other and everybody we meet. DOWN ASS CHICKS! If you wanna hit up a show please let us know. I hoola-hoop spin poi and rock an orbit, jess is learning now too. Shes my gymnast! Always walking on her hands, and oh yea we fuckin love GLOWSTICKS.
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Location:Aberdeen, SD
Birthday:November 24
Music means to me:WE love music. Live Laugh Love it. Until the day we die. Music is the reason why our friendship is so strong. Sometimes we have problems when we're not going to shows very much, but once we go and spend that quality get-fucked-up-and-dance-time together we're usually fuckin awesome afterwards and for a long time too. We're kind of on a roll now and this next year is going to be crazy. Music is the reason we wake up in the morning. Music is the fuel for out ambition. Music is our present past and future. Music is our feelings and emotions. Music is our lives. Music is the reason why we have jobs, and music is why we need money haha. Music means to us everything. llll ll 0
Schools:Well Ariel's still in high school, she's finally a senior though. Ariel and her little red subaru have gone alot of miles, and she's still only 17! Jess graduated a couple of years ago and is working in her mom's store in the town we live in, Aberdeen, South Dakota. WE both plan on attending college soon. I know Ariel is going to take a year off to get residency in CO and then attend a college somewhere in colorado not quite sure where yet though. Her family lives there, in winter park so she really likes the area. Jess wants to move down with her soon and go to a school there as well, but can't leave her mom's new business quite yet. We're going to colorado simply for the music, mountains and men. haha Friends and Family too. Our colorado trips are always the best
General Interests:hoola-hooping, poi, fire poim handstands, porn,
Other Distractions:Porn, haha. Spinning, hooping, and playing with glowsticks. Taking care of kitties and fishies and reading our pot culture book. Hiking, biking, boarding, shopping, thrift shopping, crafting, creating, crack...just kidding, but seriously, dancing, knitting, loving, partying, drinking(only jess drinks), designated driving (only ariel drives) and definately thinking about our environment and the poilital state of our country. WE LOVE OBAMA, and are so proud to have him as our future president. Ariel has dreads and jess is the normal one JUST KIDDING. We're freaks..wigs and fairy wings make us feel normal. We LOVE TO HAVE A GREAT TIME. Come play with us : ]


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