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About me:I’m a hand drummer with a lot of experience. My focus is playing djembe with modern technique that lets me blend in well with other musicians.

I grew up as a classically trained musician (french horn) and I still remember the basics of music theory etc..

I started taking drum lessons 16 years ago then started traveling occasionally for music. I’ve spent more than a year on three separate trips, through lots of third-world countries studying their local music. I spent a lot of time hitch hiking through the rainforest and sleeping on straw mats in musicians’ homes. Lately I just play small local gigs like raves, fund raisers and friends’ weddings.

Now I’m wanting to start regular rehearsals with some serious musicians who want to refine our performance on some fun songs. I can do gigs but my day job keeps me from traveling or doing crazy hours on a regular basis.
Member Since:July 20, 2006
Last Login:July 28, 2007
Location:Oakland, CA
Birthday:May 13
Music means to me:Aside from being soothing and energizing, music seems to be our creative expression of how our universe is created. I have a home-made religion that draws from physics, anthropology, medicine, and more to show how rhythm forms not only human concsiousness but all matter.
Schools:Occidental College
General Interests:Drumming, Biking, Hiking, swimming,
Other Distractions:Space Opera DVDs (Firefly, Battlestar Gallactica, Invader Zim etc.)


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