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About me:I love all kinds of music. but now i m loving electronic an hip hop vibes, espeacially music with cool messages/ you know not so brain dead. but something that leaves me with something to think about but at the same time something to dance to and party.
Member Since:September 22, 2006
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Location:New York, NY
Music means to me:well i checked out. damir , he is from nyc and toronto so , check out. www.damirworld.com or i found him on www.myspace.com/damir1 i got his track hooked up and it rocks. but i love beck kraftwerk and beastie boys and what else. you know all the music out there. ambient and electronic and dance and hip hop. thats where its at. and whatever makes me move. everyday you feel different so any music is cool. i love lyrics in songs more. well maybe the same. it all depends on my mood.


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