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About me:I am a Spanish linguistics student. I just got back from a year in Spain studying. I managed to hit up the jam in the Dam last march. I would absolutely recommend it to any one considering a nice late winter/early spring getaway. II am currently finishing up my B.A. in Spanish at UMKC. I plan to attend Ku for a masters program next fall. Until then my goal is to qualify for the amateur world disc golf championships in 2008!!!
Member Since:February 6, 2003
Last Login:November 1, 2015
Location:Lees Summit, MO
Birthday:May 8
Music means to me:Escape. Forgetting the problems of daily life and letting loose. A source of strength when you feel like the world doesn't want you. A connection amongst people to help in the share of emotion.
General Interests:Disc golf, outdoors, hiking, camping, taking walks, sight seeing, reading, speaking other languages, meeting people.


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