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About me:Im an artsy type, so i love music, dance, art, theater, literature.. the stuff you can enjoy just as much by yourself as with a crowd of people.. I love festivals and live shows in general, I feed off that energy to make my years pass.. Which I wish would slow down.. i feel old. Im only 22. ...... what else can I tell ya? Im a libra, (peace makers of the world!) im from ms, which has its stereotypes but please exclude me from those because I wont be here much longer.. share your love, cant keep love like money in the bank!
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Location:Hattiesburg, MS
Birthday:October 17
Music means to me:Our one way ticket to peace and freedom. Nobody can argue what effect music has on everyone on this planet, its the one thing that can unite us all which has been proven over and over again, its the universal language, so the universal tounge to peace and harmony. We might not be able to take on the states with our music but we can touch each other, and each other as one is larger and more powerful than all the states combined (countries, goverments, power houses, ect, you get it...) Music and dance to me are also a universal weapon to our everyday stresses, annoyances, and grievances, as well as festivities, parties, and celebrations.. Music provides an energy and brings strangers together, and creates an art in humanity..
Schools:University of Southern Miss
General Interests:Movies, but live Dvds are still my favorite..
Other Distractions:beautiful weather... any weather.


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Keller Williams @ BoCo
Mon 3/2/2009 4:21PM

I saw Keller Williams last night do his thing at The Bottling Company.  This was my first time to actually pay attention to what he was doing and the music itself, so i was front row the whole time- I might have irritated a few folks because I cant help but move around, its not me so much in control anyways.. I can say I throughly enoyed the show and was pretty much sober too, but that was the plan so I could pay attention.  I dont think I'll go out of my way to see him again, but I may stop and listen a few minutes if I pass him by one day.  Its just not so much my first pick of live shows..  He's kinda in my category with Dave, I play Dave when Im cleaning, or writing, or reading- everyday activities and such..  and all things aside its exciting to have him come to Hatti because that only shows our scene is growing = more bigger shows!  The only downfall to the night was the crowd.. the hatti crowd cant really get annoying at shows because they talk too much.  Im there for the music, not to hear a chic yapping about how cool his hair is or how cute her friend's shirt is... go to Justin Timberlake to yap about that.. Anyways, this is my first entry but I like this, ill keep on at it most likely..  dont keep love like money in the bank.