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About me:i am 14-years-old, i like to skateboard and have fun...i like a lot of rock bands espcially clutch(they rock)....u no the same ol' same ol'...school sucks and everything about it sucks...(except friends)...i also like to play guitar hero 1&2...im not like one of those geekie kids who sits inside all day and play video games...i play sports like baseball,football,and i wrestle...thats pretty much about me...talk to me on myspace...myspace.com/bummerpop1357
Member Since:May 5, 2007
Last Login:May 6, 2007
Location:Pittsfield, MA
Birthday:January 4
Music means to me:music is everything to me...im not into emo crap...i like rock and metal...
Schools:egremont elementary school,herberg middle school
General Interests:sports,music,video games,skateboarding,and evything that interests me
Other Distractions:my favorite movie is freedom writers,Jackass 1&2,favorite TV show is Jackass, i dont really read any books.


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